Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maybe I Need A Laptop

Well, spring has sprung in the Rockies it seems. At least until Friday when we're supposed to get 8" of snow. Sixty-two rock and rollover degrees yesterday, close to 70 today. This presents a bit of an issue as far as productivity goes. A lot of what I do involves the computer. Writing Deep Thoughts, getting quotes for my design business, listing my art shit on Etsy and Ebay, etc. I'm sorry but even as I'm sitting here right now, I want to be sitting on my deck, drinking a beer with my face tilted towards the sun. My friend calls this having a case of the "fuck-its". I have the fuck-its really badly right now. An extreme case. Days like this make it almost impossible. Fuck all of the work I have to do. I am much better served working on Friday when I can stoke a fire and sit here all afternoon doing what needs doing. It's all going to get done. And if it doesn't?  Correct.  Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day, peeps!  

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