Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pooper Scooper

I was out walking yesterday and once again saw a "Doody Calls" van. Ha, ha. Play on words. Get it? LAME. They pick up dog poop, if you couldn't figure THAT one out. First of all, in this economy I would think paying somebody to pick up your dog's excrement would be um.....amongst the first things cut from the budget? And secondly, even in a good economy, if you can't pick up dog poop, perhaps you shouldn't have a dog. NEWSFLASH: DOG'S POOP. AND BIG DOGS MAKE BIG POOPS. AND LOTS OF THEM. I don't have a freakin' cleaning lady anymore but people in my neighborhood are having their dog shit scooped up by uniformed professionals, which adds insult to injury. I'll tell you what........I'll send Grady over to those in need of poop removal services. He'll EAT the poop, thus negating any nasty disposal issues. He will also allow your dog to hump him regardless of gender or a full set of limbs. He is an equal opportunity humping post. With the money he makes I can get my cleaning lady back! Brilliant! Everybody is happy. It's almost like puppy prostitution but I really don't think he'll mind one bit. He's giving it away for free every day at the dog park......may as well get paid! And he gets a snack! 

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