Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tunneling to Freedom. Or Arizona. Whichever Comes First.

Oh joy. We're supposed to leave for Arizona tomorrow and there's a WINTER STORM WARNING going into effect tonight. This was not welcome news to Dave, who has not been on a vacation since 2008. Upon hearing the weather report, he became slightly unhinged and started running around the kitchen yelling, "We're getting out of here........oh, WE'RE GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!!!" Fortunately Jack was at lacrosse practice and did not have to witness this display. This was reminiscent of the Blizzard of 2003 wherein we got more than four feet of snow over the course of three days. This is fun for the first 36 hours IF YOU HAVE POWER. Which thankfully, we did. It's a great excuse to do a whole lotta nothin'. Except drink. What else is there to do? NO blizzard babies here. One is plenty. Anyway, we were having a good old time until Dave started going a little stir crazy and decided he was going to tunnel his way out. With a shovel. Dave thinks snowblowers are an insult to masculinity. To where he was tunneling, I have no clue. As you can see, the roads were clearly impassable. This was back at the old house and we didn't really know our neighbors all that well yet, so I don't think he was looking for companionship. Taking a look at this picture, I'm starting to think maybe it was me. Even the dog was trying to escape. If he had a thought bubble, it would say, "Oh SHIT. It's her!!! Perhaps my demands for fresh margaritas and frequent bunion rubbings was starting to wear on their jangled nerves. I can't imagine why. Anyway, I think Dave, while not physically in the place depicted above, is in that place mentally. I'm afraid of what he may do if our flight is cancelled. He may start tunneling again. Godspeed, Dave.

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