Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Super Euro Mutt

I send out weekly emails pimping my husband's gigs and just finished this weeks version. It's kinda fun. My gig emails and facebook ramblings mated and Deep Thoughts was born. Since it's March and nearly St. Paddy's day he's extra crazy busy. You know, 'cause he's an Albanian/Sicilian realtor that plays Irish music? Hey man.....his son is 25% Irish, although I would recommend against informing Jack of that percentage as he may hit you. With an old shillelagh. Boy likes being Irish. He claims that the reason his hair is so dark is that he's "Black Irish". Err.....no you're not. So Jack is 25% Sicilian, 25% Albanian, 25% Irish and 25% Scottish. Dave attempts to annoy me with claims that there is other shit thrown into my gene pool but whatever. He likes to say "YOU'RE WELSH AND FRENCH TOO". Like that makes up for his Albanianism. Whatever. It's not a competition. As far as he knows. So some Welsh and French dude made his way over to Ireland or Scotland and succumbed to my female relatives charms. Shocking. I think not. So if it makes Dave feel better to draw attention to the 2% of alternate Northern European heritage coursing through my veins, so be it. He's still Albanian. Goat boy. Which brings me to my point. Stereotypes. This time of year brings to mind the drunken Irish person. Which of course is absolutely, 100% TRUE. Guilty as charged. BUT, my heritage results in something known in my family as the "double bogue". Both sides of me LOVE to drink but my Scottish side likes her a bargain. So I'm always on the make for a free drink. Works too. Oh but it's not limited to libations. In this past week, I not only bought a pair of pants for $4.97 (Gap....originally $54.50) but TWO pairs of pajama bottoms for, and I have witnesses, .47. That's right forty-seven CENTS. This caused the Scottish side of me to be so excited that the Irish side of me decided to celebrate. And therein lies the rub. 

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