Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shaken Mollie Syndrome

Holy Crap. My fears were not unfounded. While I do not have a set of acrylic toenails, I was badly shaken. Literally. My nail tech, "Kim" (not her real name.....they all come with American names. I'm not fooled.) asked me a question the likes of which may have been "Would you like to be sent into orbit?" for all I know. Being a rather game sort, I said "sure!". Well, she turns on the massage chair and I think I have a closed head injury. It shook EVERYTHING. My boobs were flying this way and that, my head was being jolted back and forth and Kim just says something like "you relax, honey....'kay?" I WANT MY MOMMMMMMYYYYY.  I still don't feel right. Waaaah. I just wanted pretty toes. 

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