Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Observation made by my friend whilst at the PTA Board meeting yesterday: "You can tell how involved people are by the stack of shit in front of them". I looked around. She was right. People had their organized PTA binders, stacks of notes, papers, fliers, even laptops. I looked in front of myself. iPhone, car key and a can of Diet Coke. I looked at her and said, "I've got nothin'". I'm sorry but I am BURNED OUT. And some of these mom's have been going at it longer than I have so that's no excuse. I think I've just reached my threshold of tolerance for such things. And I feel like I've put my time in. I don't do well with meetings under the best of circumstances. I think it's the ADHD thing. I even found myself slouching in my chair and sending random emails to to anyone I could think of to counteract my boredom. I do want to emphasize that these chicks really DO a TON of good for our school. These are (for the most part) some pretty cool women, actually. They get nothing but mad props from me. I just feel like I've run my PTA course. The whole blog thing was just the final nail in the coffin of my PTA do-goodery. It was kinda funny 'cause as we went through our agenda, everybody had detailed reports and lots to talk about. They got to me and said, "Mollie, do you have anything to report?" Me: Nope. The fat lady has sung. And NO, I'm not the fat lady. That was in the thyroid shit storm days. The fat lady is hypothetical. La, la, la, la...........

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