Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, I am now $170 lighter, thanks to my dog. And have I mentioned that my husband is a REAL ESTATE BROKER? Being a real estate broker these days is akin to be being on skid row. "Broker" being the operative word. As yes, we are WAY broker at this juncture owing to his profession. We had a meeting at school the other day and had to fill out some forms and we were asked if we WERE ON MEDICAID. "Um, while yes, it is true that Dave is in real estate, I don't think that things are so bad that we are now being insured by the same government program that allows for health care for HOBOS!!!!! Geez. Insult to injury? Anyway, as the day has progressed, Grady has been looking less and less like himself. Still not throwing up but won't eat, looks like he lost his best friend, won't even bother to jump on anyone or even bite them. So you KNOW something is very wrong. I take him to see our vet. I LOVE our vet. He's dreamy. I call him Dr. McDoggystyle. I normally don't have to pay so much for the pleasure, however. Seems Grady needed not one but TWO x-rays to determine if he had a foreign body lodged in his gullet. Dr. McD said, "you have NO idea how many socks I take out of Labs". Actually, I have an educated guess. I was personally wondering how many thongs he removes. From Labs. Mind out of gutter, Mollie.....I mean people. Anyway, the x-ray was inconclusive as not all foreign bodies show up on x-rays. So, relieved of my cash but with four cans of prescription food for doggies with indigestion and a prescription for antibiotics in case it's ghiardia, I have returned home. Grady is still ass-dragging around the house with a hang-dog expression. He's probably got some disease contracted from eating poop. Imagine that. I didn't need that $170. I never liked it anyway.  

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