Monday, March 22, 2010

Furry Friend

Oh my. I'm back from being bikini-waxed within an inch of my life. Although I was informed that I was a bit of a dinosaur in that requesting anything other than a Brazilian is pretty much extinct. My waxer was quite taken aback. She said, "Are you SURE???" Um, I've never been more sure about anything in my life. I also chose to leave my underwear on. This is highly unusual for obvious reasons. You can't have unders on when having your entire coochie waxed. So anyway, she's going at it down there and then says, "Can you take a look at this? I'm not sure if it's even. I'm not used to having any hair left there."  I was surprised she didn't whip out a mirror. Seriously? I was like, "Yep......I'm good." Then she says, "I feel like I did half a job". She seemed genuinely bummed. Errrrr.......sorry? Perhaps I should have requested that she wax my lady-bits into a cactus in celebration of my trip to Arizona. That at least would have challenged her creatively and she wouldn't have felt so cheated out of a Brazilian. 

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