Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Whoaaaa Nellie. These last couple of weeks o' school are a bit of a bitch. Sorry for the lack of Deep Thoughts. I've been having them but haven't been able to sit still for long enough to jot them down. Today being the last day, things appear to be calming down a bit. Thanks to everybody that wrote to either express concern for my well-being or that of the blog. It's cool that it was missed. I only have a sec as I'm off to get a bikini wax. Can't go to the pool with any lettuce hanging out of the bun. That's unsightly. So were the people at the pool wearing bikinis that probably shouldn't be. Not to mention Speedo man. I'm pretty sure Speedo man doesn't read my blog but if he does, consider this a public service. Anyway, all kinds of hilarity has broken out in the past couple of weeks. I'll leave you with one little gem. I'm driving up to the first of four lacrosse games Jack played in last weekend and he was riding shotgun. Jack: "Hey Mom.....this is the same way we went to the Hidee Mine on our field trip a couple of weeks ago". Me: "Oh yeah? Cool". Nodding head. Mind is elsewhere but don't want to let on. Jack: "They had the sweetest Port-O-Potty ever". Me: "Really?!" Jack: " was HUGE. It had not just a toilet but two chairs and a table with magazines on it and stuff". Me: "In case you need to take a dump?" Jack: "Oh no.......they had toilet paper too". I almost drove off of the road. Off to the waxing......will report back if anything interesting happens. 

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