Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It will come as no great shock to those of you who know me personally or even simply through reading Deep Thoughts that I have been recently diagnosed with ADHD. It seems that it is not unusual for a parent to be diagnosed after their child is. It's kinda occurred to me that I may suffer from this ailment but I never really got around to doing anything about it other than wonder. I probably became distracted by a shiny object or something. Anyway, I have recently been talking to a therapist about some unrelated shit and fairly early on she asked me if I thought I may have ADHD. Something about talking mile a minute about completely disjointed subject matters. Anyway, I took a test and it looks like I've got it. And I've "got it BAD", as my dad would say. Some of the symptoms? Let's see........

*Anxiety. Me? Never.

*Employment problems? Uh......please recall the whole "jobs are for squares" thing. I've never had employment problems per se, I just don't really care for employment. 

*Impulsiveness/lack of filter. I just fell off of my chair.

*Extreme distractibility. Reference lack of "Deep Thoughts" lately.

*Poor organizational skills (home, office, desk or car is extremely messy or cluttered). Okay, there is shit growing in my car, my desk is a study in disorganization and it is very likely that if you open a cabinet in my kitchen, shit will fall and hit you in the head. 

*Constantly losing things. Um, I think I wrote an entire blog about this very thing. Sunglasses, keys, iPhone, purse. I think I've even lost my car once.

*Substance abuse. Bwahahahaha.

*Difficulty paying attention or focusing, such as when reading or when listening to others. I read like crazy if I'm interested in the subject matter. However I am famous for not "RTFB" or "reading the fucking book". This refers to the reading of manuals. I have never, ever read an instruction manual. I'll figure out how things work things on my own before I'll read a manual. Which means I "kinda" know how to work most of my shit. Most of it is probably capable of launching things into space but I have no idea how that would in fact transpire.

So, the bottom line is that I am going to some life-changing meds. Yay. I'll probably be all boring and will no longer have any antics to report. Hmmmm. Not likely.  

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  1. Hell, in this culture, if you don't have some form of ADHD, you're probably the exception, not the norm.