Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As I was thinking about what I was going to write about today, it occurred to me that I am at grave risk of sounding like the Andy Rooney of the early-forties set. Can a chick be a curmudgeon? If so, I'm about to become one. Here's the deal. I'm out and about doing my Thanksgiving stuff and I realize that Thanksgiving no longer exists singularly. I literally saw a house in town today that had pumpkins on the porch, a Thanksgiving flag and a big inflatable Santa. It's like we're suffering from multiple holiday disorder or something. At Costco earlier, there were people with turkey's, pumpkin pies and poinsettia's in their carts. That's just wrong. When I was growing up (Andy Rooney......I know), Thanksgiving was it's own deal. The stores were not playing Christmas music. Because it was THANKSGIVING. One thing at a time, people!!!!!! Thanksgiving is actually a pretty nice holiday. There's not a huge build-up, no big just eat a good meal with your family, watch some football and enjoy a Thursday away from the rat race. People don't (or shouldn't) send out Thanksgiving cards or have a slate of Thanksgiving parties to go to prior to the actual day itself and they don't give Thanksgiving presents. It's kinda like Christmas's dope smoking slacker brother. It's not shiny or fancy or aggressively flashy. Yes, it's the kick-off to the holiday season. It is still not Christmas. Turkey. Pilgrims. Plymouth Rock. Drunken relatives (okay, well in my case that's true for Christmas......and Easter......and......oh, nevermind......). Gobble, gobble. Nary a Christmas decoration will be put up on MY watch until Friday. Saturday at the latest. Because anytime AFTER Thanksgiving is actually Christmas. And I will embrace that too, in all of it's Christmas-y glory.  

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