Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bristol Pailin and the TSA

I honestly think I am just going to stop watching the news altogether. It seems like the media grabs onto a subject and it's like a dog with a bone that it has to gnaw into oblivion. First we had the Chilean miners. That was actually a pretty cool story and I didn't mind that coverage because shit man, they were trapped in a MINE. Big human interest story. But then we had the Carnival Cruisers. They had to eat Spam. Waaahhhhh. Although Spam is pretty gross. We have now moved onto Bristol Pailin and the TSA and the "don't touch my junk" dude. To address the former: WOW!!!!! Shocker!!!!! The Tea Party movement is suspected to be supporting Sarah Pailin's daughter!?!?!?! WHO DO YOU THINK IS WATCHING A BALLROOM DANCING SHOW????? Urban liberal hipsters wearing berets in coffee shops? Do hipsters still wear berets? I'm guessing that show has a pretty conservative base. Call me crazy. I don't think there a bunch of lefties trying to decide whether they should climb a tree and live in it or stay home and watching Dancing With the Stars. That being settled, let us move on to the TSA. First of all, I saw the guy with the "junk". I wouldn't want to touch his junk. I'm pretty sure that touching some doughy white dude's naughty bits was not on that TSA agents bucket list. Eewwww. I do agree that some of this patting down has gone too far as evidenced with the guy with the urine bag thingy. That would suck. That being said, you can stick a cattle prod up my ass if it will keep me from being blown into smithereens. You've got some pretty short memories out there, American public. Remember 9/11? The paranoia and fear? People swearing to never fly again? That event changed the face of air travel and you actually may have to deal with a bit of inconvenience. It could save your life and prevent a whole lot of suffering. Put up with the groping. It might be fun. My dad says he is going to try to go through twice.


  1. I love you Ms. Mollie! And your dad can't be so bad either.

    On a slightly different note. Although I'm clearly not politically correct, I am retarded. I pressed "post comment" to try to get to the comment screen. Apparently I, in my retarded fashion, didn't notice that the "post comment" screen was already sitting in front of my myopic eyes. That said, I was prompted in bright red: "Comment should not be empty." Guess we ended up with the same result, though, didn't we?

  2. I agree 150%, Mollie. They can strip search me if they need to. The way I see it is if some poor schmuck gets his jollies either looking at or fingering through my fat rolls looking for contraband he's got more problems than I've ever faced and that ain't saying a little. Go, weird dude, you found your dream job.

  3. nope... I'm not gonna put up with it... it's an unnecessary invasion that's not going to solve the problem. If the terrorists are already AT the airport... it's kind of too late.